null Improvising & Performance Workshop 10th June 17:00-20:00 Jeremiah Day

Improvising & Performance Workshop. Jeremiah Day, USA 

Monday, 10th  June 2019, 17:00– 20:00

Location: Studio 523 - Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy, Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki


We would like to invite you to the second workshop / demonstration of Jeremiah Day’s research project into collaborative methods of teaching performance.

In 2019, Jeremiah Day joins as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Uniarts Helsinki’s Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts (CERADA), developing an investigation into the collaborational teaching models that emerge from the intersection of dance and visual art.

Drawing upon the performance traditions of post-modern dance - Simone Forti’s improvisational moving-talking method Logomotion, and Steve Paxton’s Contact Improvisation in particular - this second workshop will focus on different strategies of working with text.

Beginning with vibrant movement, we will build up to improvising through scores, free-writing and story-telling. The session will end with informal mini-performances, offering an arc of creative development through real-time composition. The workshop series overall will give participants new tools to develop their creative vocabulary through spoken word, movement, dramaturgy and ways to support lines of research. 


Please contact to reserve a place but drop-ins are also welcome!

For reservations: https://my.surveypal.com/CERADA-workshops-2019


Jeremiah Day has performed and exhibited internationally at such venues as the Centre George Pompidou and the Stedelijk Museum. Day was awarded a national research prize to develop third- cycle education in the arts in the Netherlands, leading to his PhD in the Humanities from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2017. His project at Uniarts Helsinki’s CERADA will lead to an international conference and workshop series in Winter 2019.